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Longevity of Glass Frosted Films

How long do Glass Frosted Films last?

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Glass frosting film is a cost-effective way to achieve etched effect or acid effect glass. However, one of the questions that often arises is how long the frosting film will last. The answer to this question can depend on several factors. Two of these factors include whether the film is installed internally or externally.

Internal Applications

Internally frosted films would include any glass panel that is fully inside a building. Like an office, meeting room or entry to a building for example - any window that has no direct exposure to external elements.

When installed internally, professional grade glass frosting film is typically warranted for 7 years. This means that it is expected to last at least that long before any significant deterioration occurs. However, with proper care and maintenance, the expected life can be much longer. We often see internal window frosting last 10 -15 years or more. Internal applications are less exposed to the elements and therefore less prone to wear and tear.

To ensure the longevity of internal glass frosting, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Using harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning can damage the film and reduce its lifespan. A mild soap solution and a soft cloth are usually sufficient for cleaning.

External Applications

External frosted window film is generally installed directly on the outside face of a window that is partially or fully exposed to the elements. This can include frosted balcony glass, frosted skylights, frosted pool fencing and external shopfront windows.

External applications of glass frosting film have a shorter lifespan than internal applications. The expected life of externally fitted film will differ based on a number of factors such as exposure to the weather elements, the angle of the window, the quality of the film and installation methods and techniques. Frosted film installed on vertical windows will generally last longer than those installed on an angle. The greater the exposed angle of the frost on the glass the greater chance of deterioration.

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The geographical location can also affect how long window frosting will last as Sun exposure can play a big role in how long the frosting is expected to last before any fading and cracking start to appear. This can differ in various parts around the World in different times of the year.

Proper installation is also critical for the longevity of external glass frosting film. If the film is not installed correctly, it may peel or bubble, reducing its effectiveness and expected lifespan.

In summary

The lifespan of glass frosting film depends on so many factors including

• installation method

• internal or external application

• location of the window

• aspect of the window

• angle of the window

• geographical location – where in the World is the film being fitted

• quality of the frosted film – choosing the right film for the right location

• weather conditions

As you can see there are many area that need to be assessed when choosing the right frosted film for any given job. With over 30 years experience in the glass frosting industry Sydney Glass Frosting can take the guess work out of this for you. We asses each and every job to ensure the right film is installed. We offer a factory backed manufacturers warranty and make sure our customers are fully satisfied with the application. We want to be sure your newly installed glass frosting film will last for many, many years.

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