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What is Frosted Glass Film? 

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What is Frosted Glass Film and how is it utilised?

Frosted glass film, also known as frosted window film or decorative window film, is a very thin adhesive backed vinyl material applied to glass surfaces. In fact most high quality frosted films are about 0.1 mm thick. When applied directly onto a glass surface the film is designed to create the appearance of frosted or acid etched glass. This effect is aesthetically pleasing while also providing privacy and reducing glare. Frosted glass film is a cost-effective and versatile solution for enhancing the appearance of windows, doors, or any glass partition in both residential and commercial settings.

  • Frosted window films are available in rolls of varying widths and lengths. Cost effective use of the different size rolls is an important part of calculating film used for any given job. Generally speaking the rolls are 50 metres in length and usually 1.2 m wide and 1.5 m or 1.6 m wide. Other sizes are available but these are the most common.

  • Prior to the introduction of the window film industry, traditional glass frosting involved acid etching or sandblasting the surface of the glass to create a frosted appearance. However, this method can be very expensive, time-consuming and.... permanent. Frosted glass film offers a more convenient and affordable alternative that can be easily removed or replaced as needed. Read more here about the History of Glass Frosting.


  • Frosted glass film is a diverse product and is available in a variety of textures and frosted glass finishes suiting any situation. Some films are completely opaque, while others allow partial visibility through the glass. They reduce the need in many instances for outdated blinds or curtains. Frosted films can also be computer cut to integrate unique designs or patterns. Full colour digital printing is also possible with frosted films, opening up a whole world of opportunities.

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glass frosted film, window frosting film, sydney glass frosting.jpeg
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What is the purpose of frosted glass? What is Acid Etching?
Glass Acid Etching explained

  • According to the Corning Museum of Glass the process of Acid Etching glass for decoration purposes is described here -

"The process of etching the surface of glass with hydrofluoric acid. Acid-etched decoration is produced by covering the glass with an acid-resistant substance such as wax, through which the design is scratched. The object is then immersed in hydrofluoric acid, or a mixture of dilute hydrofluoric acid and potassium fluoride is applied to etch the exposed areas of glass. Acid etching was first developed on a commercial scale by Richardson’s of Stourbridge, England, which registered a patent in 1857. An effect superficially similar to weathering can be obtained by exposing glass to fumes of hydrofluoric acid to make an all over matte surface.​"

Applications for the Office

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Frosted glass film is a popular choice for Commercial applications, especially in offices. Frosted window film can be applied to a variety of areas to create a more professional and private workspace.

  • Office entrances - Use frosted film to enhance the entry area of your Business. Create a lasting first impression for your guests with high quality graphics and a unique frosted glass design.

  • Glass partitions - Frosting is an important part of any internal office space. 

  • Meeting Rooms - create privacy while adding style to your Meeting areas.

  • Boardrooms - frosting can be used to continue a 'theme' through your office but still provide maximum privacy where it's needed most

  • Lunchrooms - staff also need to 'get away' from daily duties during downtime and frosting can provide a simple yet effective ways to achieve this.

The film can also be used to display company logos or other designs, adding a unique touch. It is also used extensively throughout Hotels, Pubs and Clubs and is compliant with current gaming industry guidelines. Explore some of the different types of glass frosting here.

Applications for the Home

Window frosting film has many uses in and around your home. Including:

  • Bathroom windows: Bathroom windows are a common place to use window frosting film for privacy. The film can be applied to the lower part of the window or the entire window, depending on your preferences. 

  • Front entry door: If you have a glass front door, window frosted film can be applied to the main portion of the door to add privacy and security. Or perhaps something as simple as leaving a small perimeter gap can also create an elegant look for your front entry.

  • Bedroom windows: If your bedroom faces a busy street or neighbouring home, you can use window frosting film for privacy. 

  • Living room windows: Living room windows can benefit from window frosting film if you want to add privacy or reduce glare from the sun. 

  • Kitchen cabinets: If you have glass cabinets in your kitchen, window frosting film can be used to help to hide any clutter or mess inside the cabinets.

front door glass frosting, frosted glass sydney

We often get asked if you can you see through frosted window film at night? The answer is YES and NO

  • YES - If there is any 'backlighting' behind the subject inside the premises then yes you will see a shadow as it moves around.

  • NO - Even though you can see a shadow the visibility will be so poor that you won't be able to make out who it is. It will simply be a shadow without seeing any distinguishing features. Think of a shower screen door that is frosted. You can see movement in the shower but not much else.

Overall, glass frosting film is a great solution for adding privacy, style, and texture to glass surfaces around your home. With a variety of frosted glass finishes.

office frosting with vision lines, window frosting sydney
2 tone frosted glass film, window frosting, glass frosting
colour digital printed glass film, partition window frosting
standard white frost, glass frosting film
computer cut design frost ed film, glass frosting, design in frosted film, window frosting film

Discover the full potential of frosted glass film

Here is just an example of the many ways in which glass frosting film can be used with different frosted glass finishes :

  • Plain white frosted film. Standard frosting common in many office applications

  • Frosted film with computer cut designs or logos. Endless opportunities for patterns or designs. Company logos can be easily recreated into the frost

  • 'layered' frosting using two slightly different frosted films. This method uses two slightly different frost finishes applied on top of each other to create a softer patterned effect

  • Basic 'sight lines' to provide privacy in the office but also to allow limited visibility if required

  • Digitally printed frost film. Print can be minimal or as complex you like

  • Full colour digital printing. Full colour printing opens up so much opportunity to personalise your office space.

  • Horizontal vision strips. For compliance with Australian Safety Standard requirements such as AS 1288:2006 Clause 5.19 Making Glass Visible or AS 1428.1:2009 Design for Access and Mobility. This can also incorporate company logos.

  • Outdoor balustrades. A more intense form of frosted glass film for use in balcony situations where privacy is important.

As you can see frosted glass film does have many benefits. Why not call us to discuss your next project. Or you can request a call back  or an email for a more streamlined process.

frosted glass film, office window frosting, digital printed frosted film
vision strip complies Australian Safety Standard AS 1288:2006 Clause 5.19 Making Glass Visible or AS
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